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About Us

GUANGDONG WANSHIDA INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. is located in Jieyang city , a widely known base of stainless steel manufacture in China. The transportation is convenient. There is only 10km from our company to the Jieyang Chaoshan Airport and Chaoshan High-speed Railway Station.

Our company was founded in 1995. We owns 40,000 square meter of factory space and more than 1000 well trained workers. We are specialized in designing, manufacturing and exporting high quality stainless steel cutlery, kitchenwares and hardware.The products are selling hot in domestic principal cities and exported to Occident,Middle East, S.E. Asia, Etc. They are highly praised by customers both at home and abroad.

Our company has a strong technological ability,experienced management to provide strict quality control. We have passed the ISO9001 quality control system and Amfori Bsci Audit. “Quality first, Honesty and Credit as Foundation” is our aim. We warmly welcome customers both new and regular to visit and hold business talk.


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    1. Hold the knife and fork with the left hand and the right hand. The correct grip is to hold the knife and fork with the first joint of the forefinger and thumb straight and the other end of the knife and fork facing the palm of the hand. 2. Steak cutting method (1) When the steak is served, it is usually cut from the left, one small piece at a time, another one after eating, and one small bite size at a time. It is not recommended to cut the steak at one time, because it is not elegant in the eyes of Westerners, but also makes the steak lose water and affect the taste. (2) When cutting, fix…

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    一. Placement Principles 1. Never put a used knife, fork or spoon on the table, because it is easy to dirty the tablecloth. 2. In view of the principle of safety, never put the knife in the direction of other people, the direction of the knife should be directed against themselves. This is the same reason that when we usually hand fruit knives to others, we should face the handle to others and the knife edge to ourselves. 3. The knife, fork or spoon should be all placed on the plate. One end of the cutlery should not be placed on the plate. The other end should be suspended or rested on the table, so that the cutlery can easily…