How to eat steak in a Western Restaurant

1. Hold the knife and fork with the left hand and the right hand. The correct grip is to hold the knife and fork with the first joint of the forefinger and thumb straight and the other end of the knife and fork facing the palm of the hand.

2. Steak cutting method

(1) When the steak is served, it is usually cut from the left, one small piece at a time, another one after eating, and one small bite size at a time. It is not recommended to cut the steak at one time, because it is not elegant in the eyes of Westerners, but also makes the steak lose water and affect the taste.

(2) When cutting, fix the steak with a fork first. Cut a small steak with the knife edge inclined downward 15 degrees. Don't make too much effort to avoid making the noise graceful.

3. After cutting the steak, the European style eating method is to take the left hand of the fork and fork the meat directly into the mouth. The American style of eating is to place the knife edge inward on the plate, and then change the fork to the right hand to eat steak. If matched with red wine, one mouthful of red wine and one mouthful of meat. When knives and forks are used together, the fingers of the fork are down, and the fork cannot be used as a spoon to ladle food.

4. Knife and fork placement

(1) The correct way to place knives and forks is to put them on a plate, not on a table, or one end on a plate, and the other end on a table. In addition, how to place knives and forks in Western food is meaningful. If you place the knife and fork parallel to the 4:20 direction of the dish, you will tell the waiter that you have finished eating and you can clean up.

(2) If you are talking, you can hold the knife and fork without putting it down. But if you want to make a gesture, you should put down the knife and fork. Never waving and shaking the knife and fork in the air with your hand.